Obviosly TPC+ is a more advanced damping system but I was wondering how well the fuid flow system works.

Has anybody tried both? Should I spend the extra cash to get TPC+ ? If the fluid flow is adequate then I think that is the way to go to save a bit of cash. I am looking at the prophet 600 - fluid flow and 800 - TPC+. The other components don't matter much because I would probably swap a couple parts from my current ride to the new bike and both bikes have the same rear shock.

The main reason I would be getting the bike is to get the lefty, other parts can be upgraded. I have a Jekyll right now with a psylo and to buy a lefty aftermarket is about $1100 CAD. I had a lefty DLR on my jekyll before.

By the way my LBS in vancouver has prices on the prophets.
600 - $2199
800 - $2599

I can't remember the other model prices.

By the way,anybody know if the rear shock on these two bikes (manitou radium) is like a propedal shock or like a basic fox floatR?