I've got a '97 F700 red with yellow lettering. I'm thinking of getting it painted flat black, as the original CDale I wanted to by was that color, but was sold before I could afford it.

As I'm happy to own a long coveted CDale, I'd like to keep the same or very similar decals on the bike. I have seen some decals on eBay but they all have the newer stylized logotype. I also can't find F700 stickers or the old C on the headtube.

Now, I'm a graphic designer, I could easily recreate these and get them printed locally. But maybe someone knows of some online purchase options?

Lastly, anything particular or I should know about getting the CAAD2 frame sanded/repainted? My friend does autobody sanding and said he could do it.

(I have also considered just leaving it without decals, kinda cool/unique minor theft deterrent maybe)