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    Difference between the Woodman BILL L.F.Y. XL IS and BILL L.F.Y. IS?

    Well the title says it. What the difference except from price?
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    bearings and end cap

    The "XL" version (which I own) has bigger bearings for freeride, downhill, etc....The bigger bearings require a bigger endcap to hold the corkscrew bolt and seal in place....which I recently broke and am having a tough time getting a replacement bolt...the downloadable broucher explains it better than the website product section....

    Contacting Woodman is a dead end... and I can't find a bike shop that can order the part....I am told that shops who use BTI-USA as their supplier....should be able to get this part since Woodman uses them.....but a local Performance Bike Shop....didn't see the part in their order books....

    The reuglar version looks like it is interchangagle with C'dal Coda you may want to take this into account...

    Hopefully, Mike at can help me get a replacement bolt....I bought this wheelset from him a while back...(btw....he builds great wheels if you are looking).

    I really have loved this hub....untill I over torqued the bolt and snapped it....never knew finding a bolt could be soooo tough (online dealers only sell complete hubs from what I have found).....

    time to end rant....but if anyone knows how I can get ahold of a replacement....I would be much obliged...

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    Jagayers, sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding bolt for front hub. What size is it? Looks like a standard metric sockethead bolt can be used. I have a woodman front hub on second set of rims but I haven't had to disassemble it. If necessary, I can take bolt out and measure it if that would help you. Most hardware stores here in the states carry metric bolts, may require cutting to correct length to fit your hub.

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