I've been riding on this fork for a couple of months and it's great. Last Monday I got the castle tool and decided to open the fork to take care of the recall bulletin issue. Once I finished to reasemble the fork I add the recomended air pressure for my weight (125psi for 180lb rider) but the fork feels too soft when I push down the handlebar. I need to add 150psi to the fork to get a feel closer to what I had before I put it apart. I haven't ridden, I'll ask first I guess.

I did a bearing reset and got 698mm extended lenght, and 657mm from bottom of fork to top of the top cap. On this one, should I measure as I did or should I measure from bottom of fork to top of upper clamp? It's a bit confusing

The fork has a blue neg spring so I'm right between spring "sizes", but the fork felt great before I removed the cartridge.

One last comment: If I lift the bike by the handlebar or the frame and push the front wheel down there's a small movement/extension of the fork, like 10mm or so, is this normal or should it be fully extended when sitting on the floor?