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    Cannondale Super V to Uber V? What do I need?

    I'm a 57 y.o. fitness/leisure rider. Have been riding the same mtb, a pre-2000 Super V 700 Comp, for three years with no plans to change bikes. But recently, while investigating a switch to disc brakes, I learned of an "Uber V" conversion involving the replacement of the swingarm with that of a 2000 and later Super V, Jekyll, or Raven II. Apparently these swingarms are disc brake ready and also allow room for a 7.5"x 2" rear shock. (Presently I have a Superactiv swingarm and a 5.25" (measured eye to eye) Fox shock.

    So my question is, is all that is necessary to make the conversion the swapping of swingarms, rear shock, and running new cable housing and cables? I already have a Marzocchi Bomber front fork that is disc ready.

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    Super v to uber v

    So pretty much yes, that is all you need. I am sure since you posted this and did some searching you probably came across tryon bikes- uber v forum ( has since been archived) but you can search through that and you will find pretty much everything you need to know bout what to expect and what you need. For the most part yes you need a swingarm, longer stroke shock,cables, disc brakes and disc wheels. I have dabbled with these a bit and it's perfect for updating an "old workhorse" lol. Hope this helps you!

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