• 12-13-2012
    Cannondale Scalpel 29er Aluminium vs Carbon
    I am wondering about buying Scalpel 3 29er 2012 alloy version.
    This will be my first cannondale alloy bike - 29er for test:-)

    My question is about weight between scalpel 29er alloy and carbon? how much is heavier?
    and what is the difference in real riding in alu version?

    Thank you for help.
  • 12-13-2012
    Although there doesn't seem to be much 3rd party info on the Scalpel 29er Alloy, I have read (somewhere) that weight is approaching 30lbs, Carbon 2 is around 24-25lbs, Carbon 1 is 22-23ish...

    I read this review.

    I am also interested in anyone's opinions or experience with this bike. It (or the Carbon 2) have been on my wish list as machine #2 for a while now.
  • 12-13-2012
    From my experience the weights mentioned are pretty accurate. On the carbon bikes, the rear suspension uses a single pivot design and the carbon of the seat stays is designed to flex in place of the mechanical pivot of the aluminum version. I own the carbon 2 and it climbs extremely well even with the suspension fully open. I bought this bike knowing it was a race bike and hoping it had some trail bike characteristics as well, I couldn't be happier. It performs well above expectations. I would recommend the carbon version over the aluminum, the suspension was really designed with the flexing seat stays in mind. However I can't say the aluminum felt bad either.
  • 12-14-2012
    I m interested on the alloy 3 too.
    My LBS weighted a medium scalpel 3 for me and it was about 27 lb not too bad considering those heavy wheels sunringle inferno,
    By the way I have a question about the scalpel alloy 3 2013 can I eventually change the stem with something shorter since the stering tube is a 1.5
    Thomson is about to come out with a x4 stem specific for lefty and I was wondering if there are any problems with the cannondale c1 headshock.
  • 12-15-2012
    I have been riding the alloy 3 for about a month now and I love it. I have also ridden the the carbon and liked it as well. I would describe my riding style as a " bull in a china shop" and I was concerned about the longevity of the frame. I will never race competitively and figured the extra weight will not hold me back to much. The bike rolls over everything, climbs like a champ and is real stable in the tight single track. My last bike was a cannondale prophet and I feel like a much better rider on the scalpel? I highly recommend it!