Hi All

I have thoroughly enjoyed being the proud owner of a Cannondale Bad Boy Disc 2010 since Feb 2010, bought in the UK. See here for my suppliers spec page.

Some scumbag stole a bunch of parts a couple of weeks ago - front wheel, stem, headset bolt, bars, grips, levers, gear switchers, seat post, saddle, all hydraulic brake components.

I would really like to get the bike back on the road without spending a fortune.

The brakes, switchers & saddle I can figure out.

What I really need help with is figuring out the dimensions/specifications on the parts below so I can try and track replacements down on ebay etc..

The description on my suppliers spec is a bit high level.

Hope someone can help!

Handlebars: Cannondale Urban flat bar 31.8mm - length?
Stem: Cannondale C4 - angle/rise? length? other dimensions?
Rims: Cannondale C2 black 26" - these seem impossible to find - anyone recommend a suitable match seeing as I still have the rear?
Seatpost: Cannondale C4 - diameter/lenght - can matt be got?
Seat Binder: Gorilla Park in black chrome - can't find at all!