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    C-dale BB30 clicking noise on my Flash

    Hi all,
    I keep having issues with my Hollowgram SL, but I still have hope to finally eliminate all of them. Right now a clicking noise is bothering me. Easiest way to reproduce it is to start pedalling out of the saddle while swinging my bike left and right. Each crank arm will produce a clicking noise when at the lowest point (consider the fact, that at this point I'm putting some force perpendicular to the crankarm). "Click" is not that loud - ie. riding in a traffic I wouldn't hear it. When riding alone with no other noises - then I can hear it. Other way to reproduce this noise it to catch seattube with my fingers, crankarm with my thumbs and squeze them together - crankarm will do "click". When I release crankarm it will click again (or sometimes only after putting some little force in direction opposite to squezing seattube and crankarm). Please notice this mostly eliminates pedals as a source of the noise as I can make my crank do the noise without putting any force to the pedals. This happens for both crankarms but I think I'm pretty sure that NDS will click a little bit louder and easier.
    I found no play in my Hollowgram and I'm thinking all parts/interfaces here. At least no play that I can feel with my fingers. All bolts checked and re-tightened 2-3 times now.
    Because of this I am looking at BB30 bearings as a source of the noise now. They are stock SRAM bearings (99% they're not ceramic) that were put on Flash Carbon 4 26'er in Europe with SRAM S1000 crank. This crank is looong gone, but I left the bearings as I thought they're durable and they were almost new.
    Additional info is that I use a non-standard 128mm spindle with shaved lip and custom carbon spacers cut by hand to fit with a wave washer. And I do not have shims that go under (between) crank bolts and crankarms.

    Anybody has any ideas about what may be a source of my clicking noise? I am looking for some tips/advices before I start to disassembly my Hollowgram again to change bearings.

    BTW. 2 weeks ago I got a serious noise from my crank that got worse and worse within a single ride (I was hammering hard) and I ended up with broken spider (older type 94mm, 5bolts). How lucky I was to have a spare one? Not as much as you may think, because my LBS showed me that my spider fits my Hollowgram "too easy". They said that new spider shoul require some force to be seated on crank interface. It can be done by hand, but in my case it will seat with gravity force only and still has some play. Play was eliminated with loctite and proper lockring tightening, but anyone knows if this is a common/serious problem? Do I have a faulty Drive-side crankarm with bad spider interface?

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    I will try to answer myself. Maybe someone will look into this thread someday and find this monologue useful

    I disassembled everything - also took BB30 bearings out of my frame to look inside. I only left spider attached to the crank (with chainrings). I checked bearings and they seemed fine. No play, grease a little bit dirty, but far from "used" and still plenty of it inside the bearings. So I was not sure about them being the cause of the noise anymore. Whats more - while disassembling the crank I ended up with NDS crankarm+spindle+crank bolt in my hands and did some testing by stressing these elements by hand. I could reproduce the noise. Not as easy as by stepping on pedals, but I could. And when I unscrewed the crank bolt and stressed crank+spindle again noise was gone.
    So I suppose that not using washers between crankarms and crank bolts causes these two to move just a tiny bit agains each other when peddaling hard and as they rub (don't know better english word for that ) against each other they do this clicking sound/noise.

    After that I cleaned and greased all interfaces anyway (but decided to leave bearings as they were) and mounted my Hollowgram again. This time putting washers made from metal wire between bolts and crankarms (proper washers on order). I only did an evening ~10min ride to check the noise and despite my efforts, I didn't hear it anymore. I still cannot say I found the cause and solved the problem, but I am optimistic about this. Next week a longer ride should show if noise is gone or not.

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