Hey all - I have woe I was hoping you could help me with.

I took my wife's '02 F600 out yesterday to clean it, and found that when not locked out, there was an inch of vertical play - no, not just 'top out' but play 0 in the Headshok. The travel engaged and worked fine once through that inch, but it was kind of disconcerting.

The air valve doesn't move in regards to the play; there's no lateral shaking or looseness; and worst of all, my local uber-mechanic (also an authorized C'dale dude) has never seen anything like this before.

It's in the shop now, but I always feel better having my own idea of what might be up ... especially come cost time.

Anyone else ever had this issue? My wife is all of 130 lbs and doesn't abuse equipment. Even if you could let me know what the damage will be, I'd appreciate it ...