• 04-10-2013
    Best price on Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 2
    I am looking to buy a Scalpel 29er Carbon 2. I know the retail is 5500. Can anyone advise the best price they have paid from a LBS. I am willing to travel for a good savings.
  • 05-05-2013

    Are you interested in a used 2012 Scalpel 2? It will have some new never used parts and the wheels will be new and never used. The new parts will likely be the crank, wheelset, seat post, seat, stem and tires (Racing Ralph's). I might also put the new handlebar from the 2013 on this bike, too. These will all come from my new 2013 Scalpel 2. I did change out the shifters and rear derailleur out to SRAM XO.

    The only marks are cosmetic and I had Broken Carbon, here in Boulder, review the frame from a spot that has chipped paint. They will provide a letter verifying the frame is solid, too.

    I'm thinking it would be priced at $3,750 plus $100 for shipping. I can send pics, if you're interested.

    Let me know...

  • 05-06-2013
  • 05-08-2013
    There was a used 2012 Scalpel 2 medium in mint condition on the Baltimore CL for $3k a week or so ago, which is a steal...Not sure if it is still on there or not though.
  • 05-08-2013
    That's almost as good a deal as the link I posted :) $3500 for a Scalpel 1

  • 05-08-2013
    Scalpel 1 for $3,500.00 is an awesome deal...Frame size may be only issue.
    But if I fit on a large I'd be all over that 1 of yours...