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    Bent back rim - '07 prophet - what to do?

    This weekend I bent the back rim on my '07' prophet. This is a first for me and I wondered if anyone here knew what the best route to get it repaired might be?

    - Is this something I can find online?

    - Take it to a local repair shop (live in San Francisco)


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    Bent how??? just out of true??

    Or and actual dent where there's a flat spot on the rim now?

    - Is this something I can find online?
    Sure, but you will need a truing stand. Those are not cheap for a decent one.

    - Take it to a local repair shop (live in San Francisco)
    In SF, you can go to a Sports Basement. I would take it there or a good shop. If your rim is hosed, then putting a new rim on with new spokes and nips isn't worth it if you still have the stock hub.
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    out of true...its cooked.

    i was thinking new rim - but that a good shop would rebuild from what I have. minus the spokes and rim - everything is still in good shape.

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    You might be able to just buy a new wheel for the cost of new spokes, rim and labor. There are several great choices of rims/wheels from Stans depending on your riding style and weight.

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    You'd be surprised how well out-of-true rims can be repaired. I was hit by a car, seriously warping both Mavic XM117 rims. Two shops told me they were toast. I sought a third opinion from a Master Wheelbuilder who tenaciously got them both back to near-factory true.....for a 12-pack of IPA!!!!

    I put another 400 miles on them before selling....
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