I have had my 2011 Lefty PBR now since March. I weigh 165# (bike is an additional 23.5) Back then I would set my air pressure to 140psi. I set it based on a sag of 25% of total travel. Then in late April, the air cartridge blew it's cap (factory issue of not putting the caps on tight enough). Sent it to C'dale., got it warrantied (new cartridge was out in). Then when I went to set it up, it took 160-170psi to get the sag at the same 25%!! It has been that way until tonight when I went to reset the bearings (which I do when it drops 3/8"). I set it to 170, and I could bearly budge it. I had to take it down to about 115. I have heard that this is a normal psi for guys my weight. My question is: What the heck has been going on?!?!? I would hate to be in a race, and have it set to 115psi, only to have it need 170 midway through a screaming downhill.