Hey people, right now my Cannondale f2 caffeine 2009 has a fox fork, and the headset is a cane creek converter; two weeks ago i receive a used lefty speed dlr 2 2007 and of course i'm looking to install it but local cdale dealer doesn't have stem, hub to build the wheel and headset so i need your advice to purchase these items.

Until now I have success with the hub (stock cannondale lefty hub, anyway i'm looking for the old omega but seems like nobody wants to sell it) and the stem (integrated, 100 mm and 5D+) in ebay but for the headset i'm totally lost.

I'm not sure which kind of headset and bearings does my frame use but for the pictures of the stock F2 with lefty should be like cups and bearings into the frame (press in)?

Pictures and explanations are very welcome.