2015 Lefty

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  • 02-28-2014
    2015 Lefty
    so... 2015 Lefties will be on 4 sizes.

    S size, 97mm clamp distance

    M size, ... i don't know right dimension, around 108mm

    L size, i dont, know right dimension, around 120mm

    XL size , 135mm clamp distance

    LEFTY 2015 | eliflap

    in picture, you can see a S size compared to an actual M size, 135mm, that will be the new XL

    frames too, they will have 4 different steerer tube dimensions.
  • 02-28-2014
    Dan Gerous
    Definitely good for 29ers, especially small ones... no more need for -45 stems! :thumbsup:
  • 02-28-2014
    sure, especially S and M size frames , actually have a low drop between saddle and bar.

    mine too, i have no long legs compared to chest, so my M 2011 Ultimate Flash frame with -17 stem has a low drop.

    with new frame and fork, i can gain 15-20 mm.
  • 02-28-2014
    Mmm,.. are they also phasing out the 1 9/16" headshok standard tube diameter?
  • 03-01-2014
    inner diameter remains the same
  • 03-01-2014
    Not sure that is the case yet for 2015. That photo shows the Lefty SuperMax with the smaller clamp distance vs a Standard XLR Lefty, the SuperMax's are already in 4 different sizes for the Triggers. Of note, the Lefty SuperMax that is spec'd on the XL Trigger has the same clamp distance as the standard Lefty.

    Here's something I've posted regarding the sizes in the past...

    "The SuperMax does not have the typical clamp spacing as the standard Lefty forks. It's being offered in multiple sizes (4, I believe). So be careful if you're buying one for your Cannondale or any other bike. The SuperMax may NOT fit on any other Cannondale frame so BEWARE if you are expecting to be able to take one from the stock Trigger and put it on another bike.

    For example, the Medium Trigger 29er SuperMax will NOT fit on any other Cannondale frame. The medium Trigger 29er has an 11cm head tube and the SuperMax fits the head tube without any stack spacing. So there will not be enough space for it to fit another medium (or S,L,XL for that matter).

    Cannondale Head tube length sizes:

    S,M,L frame = 13.4cm (Scalpel 29er: 12.2cm+1.2cm spacer = 13.4cm)
    XL frame = 16.0cm
    Trigger 29er: S = 9.7cm, M = 11.0cm, L = 12.2cm, XL = 13.4cm

    The regular Leftys are produced with only two different clamp spacings (standard to fit S-M-L frames that have 13.4cm head tube and oversize to fit XL frames that have 16cm head tube).

    It appears as if the one that fits the XL will be the one to buy for regular Cannondale frames.

    This is confusing, but is good news for those folks who want to buy a SuperMax for a non Cannondale frame and don't wanna have to use a lot of spacers adapting it to a frame with short head tube."
  • 03-01-2014
    2015 Lefty
    Yes , now it' official.
    Not yet available a pic.
    But xc forks has now 4 sizes

    iPhone + Topa tant
  • 03-06-2014

    Originally Posted by parkincake View Post
    Mmm,.. are they also phasing out the 1 9/16" headshok standard tube diameter?

    You do know that this is not an issue whatsoever for fitting Leftys to non-Cannondale bikes, right? There are 3-4 different companies (Cannondale included) that are selling 1 1/8 and tapered steerer tubes to fit Leftys to non Cannondale frames. I've been running a Lefty on my Yeti for a while. Had it on my Giant before that.

    ***Edit: NVM. Now that I took the time to read your post, I see you speak of Headshocks, and not Leftys
  • 03-07-2014
    it's not an issue for me, i just wondered. as it seems that a few of the newer cannondale mountain bike's have adopted the 1.5 steerer tube - and i guessed it to be just a matter of time before 1.5 spreads through the entire range. especially as the 1 9/16" steerer tube size was developed to accommodate the (headshok) fatty fork's internals, which now seem to have been side lined.

    i am looking forward to seeing what they are developing. 2015 could be a good year to get a new bike, it gives me plenty of time to get working on the wife!
  • 11-19-2014
    What do you guys think of putting this on a 2014 Cannondale Tandem 29er? Risky?
  • 11-24-2014
    I've had a look on Anton Coopers website. he seems to be running without the Xloc in all recent pictures. special damper ? just running unlocked all the time ?
  • 11-25-2016
    Curious if a 134/135 clamp (xl supermax) would fit on a 120 or so headtube. Spacers?
  • 03-02-2018

    I know no one has posted to this thread in a while but hopefully someone here can help me with a question I have.

    I want to purchase a used 2015 size small Lefty (100.2 mm) to put on a non Cannondale bike. The problem is that the bike I want to put the lefty on has a head tube length of approximately 90 mm. Is there any option for me to mount the lefty or not?

    Thanks to anyone that can help me on this one.
  • 03-02-2018

    One of these, then you will have to fit spacers. Make sure the lefty has the 2-Spring service done.