Just purchased the bike on eBay and I'm looking for the stem that I'm going to want to put on it. I threw my leg over an xl at a shop and the factory spec wasn't bad, but I was really digging the handling from a 80mm stem on my previous 29 ht. I'm excited to trail test my new bike when it arrives but I'd like to apply a personal touch first.

My bike is spec'd exactly the same as it appears in the picture on cdale website: F29 5 - F29 - XC HARDTAIL - MOUNTAIN - BIKES - 2015

I don't know what length this stem is, but I would guess it is 100 or 110. Does anybody know?

What are my options for getting a shorter stem for this bike? My concern is the handlebar clearing the stanchion/lockout based on pictures I've looked at from google. I'm not as concerned with slamming the cockpit as I am with shortening the stem.

I don't understand why some models have the integrated steerer and some do not. I know mine does not. I've looked at some stems online and there is talk of a 90mm being the shortest or too short, and even the 2014 f29 xl having too long of a head tube for integrated steerers.

Looking at this in a 5 degree 80mm: Cannondale Lefty Headshok Stem 1 5" 31 8 25 4 XC3 SI | eBay
Is that too short?

Thank you for reading