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    2013 Trigger 2 Alloy Front derailleur spacer failure

    So I have had my Trigger out 4 times after buying at the beginning of this year. I am the first owner, I purchased it from a reputable dealer. After my most recent ride I found the the front derailleur was contacting the top of the biggest chain ring and it was hitting the frame in the lowest position. After taking a closer look, the spacer was really loose. I pulled the derailleur off and tightened everything up, but the spacer still pivots when it is not supposed to. After a few shifts up and down it ends up grinding against the chain ring again.

    I took it back to the dealer to have the Cannondale rep take a look to see if it will be warranty.

    Anyone have an issue with this spacer?

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    There is a tiny roll pin that fits into a hole in the frame, is this broken of? It's in this picture. I haven't had a front derailleur on mine for a long time so I can't remember exactly how it fits together.
    Cannondale Trigger 29 Front Derailleur Spacer Mount - KP291

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    Had a different problem with the same part, others may find the information useful.

    When I got my Trigger 29er 1 from ebay a year ago, the chain was rubbing on the FD and I was not able adjust it no matter how I tried. The FD cage was not parallel to the rings, was pointing inwards, pretty much to the middle of the rear hub. So I figured it must be the FD, replaced it, no change.

    It seemed unlikely to me that something was wrong with the spacer, but nevertheless, I ordered a new one. The angles of the old spacer were clearly different and this really fixed everything, cage now parallel to the rings, no chain rub, everyone happy.

    I thought it was a manufacturing error until last Sunday. I switched to the big ring but did not pedal forward immediately, instead, I may have pedaled backward a bit to put my feet in a better position. After this the chain started rubbing on the FD again. And when I looked down the FD, I saw the same problem, cage pointing inwards.

    Looks like that little thing can actually bend, putting the FD out of alignment.

    When I got home, to test my theory, I took the old spacer, put two screws in there, and tried to straighten it out using a vise and a screwdriver. Worked like a charm, now I have the old spacer back on the bike and the FD is nicely aligned again. Will straighten the other one. And order some spares, not sure how many times one can bend such a thing.

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