• 06-16-2012
    cda 455
    2012 Trail SL 4 Forks jammed.
    Bought my son a brand new '12 Trail SL 4 this past Tuesday.

    We rode a total of about forty-five miles until his forks jammed in the locked position. When they're in the (Normal, unjammed) locked position there is still a little bit of travel, but being jammed they are as stiff as rigid forks :confused: !

    Three days old and the forks jam. Anyone have this problem with such new forks?
  • 06-19-2012
    My brothers old trek 4300 did this and we never figured it out. He still rides it like that all the time. He took a ride on my fox float and now he's looking for a higher end bike.
  • 06-23-2012
    cda 455
    My LBS did a warranty fork replacement.

    My son is happy :cool: .