Hey Guys,

I'm looking to replace my hardtail frame. It has lx/xt level components and a fox f100RL fork. Everything is 07 but my frame got damaged, hence I'm looking to replace the frame only. I was thinking of moving to FS. I ride XC and raced a few times last yeah and plan to race sport more seriously this year.

I walked into an LBS and there was an 06 aluminum scalpel on the floor (complete). The owner mentioned being able to part it out and sell me the frame. Probably since it is an 06 and hadn't moved yet.

I rode the bike and I like how it the suspension felt more than other FS bikes i have demo'd but I have a few concerns.

1. I want to use my existing fork (pending steerer tube is long enough). Will it be ok with a reducer headset? Does anyone know if AC length between the fox and the lefty are close?

2. I did not get a price on it. The complete bike had a tag for 1800. I looked at the new scalpel frames and they have longer travel and a different shock linkage (i think it is a linkage). what would you says is a fair price for the frame?

3. Is the new scalpel design much better? I imaging this frame is going to come in under budget. My original budget is 1500 maximum. But I don't mind spending toward the top of my budget price range if I should.

Please give me some input.