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    I've been going back and forth concerning the setup on my 07 Prophet 5. I have the FFD Lefty.

    It came stock with the black spring, but being that I'm right on the threshold of the max weight for that spring I also bought the brown spring.

    I've ridden with both and like the plush feeling I get with the black spring but am concerned that I'm leaving the equipment susceptible to damage. Understand I went from a 60mm Headshok to a 140mm Lefty. I'm totally enjoying a new style of riding where I'm actually taking some small drops, obviously bigger hits, etc., without a second thought.

    With the black spring installed, I've got the sag/preload set all proper-like but I certainly tend to (probably) bottom the fork out often enough during the course of two or three 10+ mile rides that I have to do a bearing reset. Plus, I get quite a bit of dive when hitting the front brake... which I attribute to the lack of compression dampening (I foresee a TPC conversion in my future).

    With the brown spring installed, it's a bit of a stiffer ride and I don't have the subtleness of small bump absorption but the bike seems to have the confidence of really being able to handle bigger drops, hits, etc. And, of course, the front end doesn't dive as violently when I hit the brakes.

    Aight... so what's my question here? I dunno honestly. I suppose I'm looking for some input on my ramblings above and to see how other folks may have tackled similar questions. Maybe I'm still a little skiddish on using the whole 140mm of travel? I'd love to have the confidence of knowing I've got the suspension set up correctly and I can just moto.

    I've taken it back to the shop where I purchased it, but thus far, I've not really gotten much help in this department.

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    I have this same issue. My weight is right between two springs. I'm currently using the stock spring, which is a little on the stiff side. I'm considering going with a softer spring, but i'm concerned about it being too soft. I'm curious to see what everyone elses experience has been.
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    Ah yes, same dilemma here. I have both a blue and red spring. Blue is very plush, but I do tend to bottom it out on jumps, causing me to be half launched off the bike (sudden stop in suspension movement), massively migrating the bearings, and making for a not-so-good remainder of the ride with the harsh top-out of the fork (untill I reset it at home). I tried the red, but found it to be too stiff. But that could have been because I was used to the blue of course Anyway, I don't really like resetting the bearings after just about every ride, so for my next ride, I'll put max preload on the blue spring (as I have an older Lefty max, I need to do this with shims, which I'll have to make myself, hence my not trying it before), and if that doesn't help, I'll just go with the red.

    Uhm, so more rambling for you there, probably not of much use to you

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    I'm on the edge too, red to blue. I run the firmer, with the TPC fully open. If I run a blue, TPC closed down. Seems to work, but I find that I prefer more spring, and less TPC, easier on my wrists, as the TPC in speed sensitive, so it really shuts down on hard hits, making my wrists complain a bit. A note on lighter springs, as Boozzz indicated, he resets his migrated bearings pretty often, it'll happen less often with a firmer spring. Enjoy!
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    I guess lots of us have the same issue. I'm also right at the red/black division so I tried both springs in my MAX 140 FFD. After riding each for several months I ended up preferring the black because the Prophet felt much more 'confident' due to the stiffer front.

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    I think I have to agree with ya vitaccop.

    Now that I really think about it, the brown spring gives my Prophet the "confidence" to take the jumps, hits, drops that I expect this bike to handle as well as providing less dive with braking action.

    On downhills and fast single-track, I can really throw the bike around tight corners and thread it through trees without it getting mushy. The bike feels like an extension of me... which is what it should be right?

    Would still like to get additional feedback on this if anyone else wants to contribute.

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