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    Yelli w/ Chris King Hubs

    I need a new back wheel and have been looking at investing in a Chris King rear hub. Anyone running them on their Yelli? Worth it?
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    Been running king hubs for well over 10 years and currently have them on my Kona Honzo. I will never run anything other as in my opinion they are the best hubs on the planet. Pricey yes but due to their durability and ease of service, well worth every cent.

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    I like Kings for sure. I don't think it would make any difference what bike you put them on, they're Chris em-effin Kings and they are going to roll fast and have that sweet sound. The only thing that I personally don't love about them is the increased maintenance they often require. Even when they've been set up by King-trained techs, they seem to loosen just a little bit sometimes, and you get this slight thunking of the hubs. For that reason, I've settled on Hopes. I don't feel that a zillion points of engagement are as important as many people do, so the switch was a good change for me. The Hopes ahve proven to be incredibly durable, very low maintenance, light, and they roll as fast as any of the Kings I've ridden. I would also really like to try the new I9s or Hadleys. A lot like Kings in how they have very fast engagement, but I like their bearing designs a bit more. Seems like they should have a longer service interval but keep the benefits of Kings.

    Short version: they're great. Just be prepared to maintain them quite a bit more frequently than the average hub.
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    Good hubs are good hubs. No matter what you run them on. CKs are no different. Although I prefer I9 and Hadley, they're all pretty awesome.

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    I have CK's on my Yelli and love them!!! They required a slight bearing pre-load adjustment within the first moth or two and nothing since then (going on 9 months). I don't see myself ever running anything else.

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    Interesting take on the Kings and maintenance.
    To respectfully offer a counterpoint, my experience has been a bit different. I have been running two sets of Kings for the past 6 years and havent done anything to either set but pull the freehub off and relube the ring drive maybe once a year at most. Honestly probably less often than that since I forget how the hubs come apart between each time and have to jog my memory.

    They loosened up a couple times when they were breaking in but never since.

    Best lowball guess is I have 3-4k miles and a couple hundred wet muddy rides on each set since I ride year round 5-6 days a week in the pacific NW.

    Bearings in both front on both sets and one of the rear spin absolutely like new, and the other rear has 1 bearing that ever so slightly spins less than perfect but not enough to bother replacing.

    That rear now has a new 142x12 axle and has been reassigned to duty on my new The One. Front would be too if it could fit a 20mm axle.

    I have read your other posts and respect your opinion, so I am not at all trying to discount your experience.

    It's just the curious engineer's brain that I have that wonders why your experience has differed so much from mine. I wonder if the loosening issues you had were due to your size? I am not small at just over of 6'1" and 200 lbs buck nekid at the moment though during that span my weight has been anywhere between 160 and 225 (dont ask).

    I have had good luck with hopes as well, but prefer the kings hands down save for the cost.

    To the OP, are the Kings worth the extra $$ over the Hopes? Tough to say. I got both of my sets at at cost, and I honestly would have gone with hopes if I had to pay retail.

    I dont think it matters too much what bike it is. Mine have been on at least 5 different frames that bracket your bike pretty well, including 2 29er hardtails.

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    Kings work swimmingly on my Yelli. Buzz Buzz Buzz. I've run I9s and (yuck) Mavics in the past. I9s are nice and in my experience required a lot more maintenance than Kings do. The new I9 Torch design looks good possibly better bearing life. At the end of the day a really nice hub probably comes down to personal preference. I9 is local for me but I choose Kings simply because I wanted to try something else, also wanted a standard hand built j-bend spoke wheel set. It's very likely that my next set of wheels (a ways off) will be a system set of i9s. I've never ridden a stiffer set of wheels.

    Hopes seem like they're OK for the money. I've worked on them, never ridden them. IMO Kings are the most bullet proof hub on the market. I don't see how adjusting the bearing pre-load on a hub after the break in period is a negative, it's takes exactly 13 seconds.
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