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    Yelli and a dropper...

    Hey folks,

    Im fixing to get one of those new fangled dropper posts and was looking for some advice on length. Im going either Thomson or Reverb (had too many friends with LEV issues) and figured the 125mm drop would be the way to go. At normal riding the seat post has 9" of post from the top of collar to the rails. While this still leaves alot of post, even with a 125mm drop, I think it should be enough to still make it worth while.



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    Yelli and a dropper...

    I have a thomson dropper and it is more than enough drop. Enjoy!

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    I originally ordered a 5" drop (127mm) Gravity Dropper Turbo LP for my Yelli but it was just a touch too long at full extension. It requires 8.25" exposed post and I was just a little under that. I ended up with the 4" drop (just over 100mm) and I like it, for what it's worth. It definitely makes a difference and I think you'll really like the 125mm drop.

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    Still at a conundrum with which to go with.

    Heres what Im looking at, using the Thomson as the example:

    Medium Yelli.

    -Normal riding seat post length from collar to rails = 10" (254mm)
    -Seatpost length total = 14.5" (365mm)

    When I drop my post now I can only drop it about 4(100mm)" before the bottom of the post hits the braze-ons for my bottle cage inside the frame's seat tube. This leaves me 6" of seat post exposed above the collar. Its enough to get the job done but Id rather it be less... around 4". I live in Asheville and ride Pisgah trails weekly. I need to have my seat as low as she'll go.

    I looked at the specs for the Lev, Reverb, and Thomson and Im not sure I can fit a 125mm dropper post on the bike and get the amount of drop I want.

    If the post is 400mm(15") long and requires 100mm(4") of minimum insertion (which is all i can fit before bottoming the post out) that leaves 300mm(11") of post exposed above the collar. That is about an inch too high for it to be comfortable. Now factor in a 125mm(5") drop, that leaves me with 175mm (7") of seat tube exposed. Thats too much for me to be able to get back on the bike on my average rides.

    I checked out the same specs on the Lev and its close enough to the Thomson to not matter.

    The Reverb has the shortest length at 380mm and using the same specs it would give me 5" of seat post exposed at full drop but still be too high at full height for my normal riding exposed seat tube length...

    I suck at math and so this could all be completely bogus haha

    Any thoughts?

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    You have a math problem. Your seatpost is starting out with 111mm in the seat tube (365-254 = 111), plus the additional 100mm you can drop it gives you 211mm of insertion to play with, not 100mm.

    Most 125mm droppers have around a 200mm collar to rail height (i.e. they don't go any lower than that), so even with a 400mm seatpost, you max insertion is still going to be around 200mm, which will fit fine. You don't need to have the seatpost full in though - from your description, it sounds like your ideal pedaling position would be at around 275mm of exposed seatpost. With a 125mm dropper, you'd drop it to 150mm, or the same as what you can do now. If you run it the same height as your current post, you'll be able to go to 5" of seatpost at max drop. Still not ideal, but we can do better.

    Lucky for you, KS makes a 150mm Lev with a 435mm overall length. 435-211=224, which is less than your ideal height, so it'll fit. At a 275mm height, you'll be able to drop to 5", and at a 250mm height, you'll be able to drop to 4".

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