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    Widest rear tire on Nimble?

    I've done some searching and cannot find what the frame's tire clearance is. Anyone know what the largest tire I can squeeze in there is? I'm talking about the new frame, don't know if that makes a difference. About to pull the trigger... Thanks for any info!
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    The largest tire we have tested is an Ardent 2.4... with PLENTY of clearance!

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    Thank you
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    Racing Ralph 2.4 on Flows fit just fine!

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    It might be easier to track which tires don't fit. From the looks of it, any 29er tire ever made should work. (Except for the new 29+ knard 3.0 intended for the surly krampus)

    This frame makes my wide rim and ardent 2.4 look small. Time to find something even beefier...

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    I was looking at a friend's 2.2 Trail King this weekend. I liked it for the gi-normous volume. Running a 2.4 MK right now - I think the 2.2 TK will be a really close fit. May have to dial it out a smidge.

    Gotta love Continental - only company that can make their 2.2 bigger then their 2.4!
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