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    Special Care for Chrome N9?

    I put some silicone-based stuff on it before I built it and it turned out to be not very durable so now I have a few small rust spots. Normally I'd just hit them with steel wool, then wax. Any tips?

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    Kick the wife outta the bed and take N9 instead.

    *Edit for a cleaning solution: have you tried a chrome cleaner and squirting some tri-flow on overnight to "dry" in the rougher areas of the frame?
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    There's a cool trick I saw on American Restorations that worked great on a couple chrome vehicle parts I had. You take regular aluminum foil, and loosely crumple it. Then use water with the Al and scrub the chrome with it. Takes the rust right off and shines it up too. YMMV, I've never tried it on a bike.

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    I've had good luck with Simichrome metal polish. It works great on my chrome N9 and just about any metal I use it on.


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