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    Riot: Rear end flex + pre-mature wear?

    I'm curious if anyone else has notice pre-mature wear on their shock bushings, linkage axles, etc, potentially due to the rear end flex on their riot? I've cracked 2 lower shock bushings in about 2 months, my rearward lower linkage axle is showing wear (after 1.5 yr of ownership), and my 11-6 shock has now been sent off due to the lower end unthreading from the shaft.

    I suspect all these issues are related to the fact that you can grab the top of the rear wheel, move it side to side, and see the effect that has on the lower shock mount.

    Granted I'm on the bigger side of the spectrum at 6'5", 215 lbs with gear, but I've never had these kind of wear issues on previous bikes.

    So, anyone else running into these kind of issues, or is it just me?

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    I check mine regularly since Im 58 and 200 and ride very aggressive and have not noticed anything like that.

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    64 and 240 geared on a good day. I had my lower link front bearings get play after 1,000 miles. I thought it was ovalized shock eyelets but it was just those. Fresh set all around and it was back to brand new. Ive had ccdb, db coil and monarch on it, never with any bushing play issues.

    There might be some frame flex but you would have smoked a wheel before any of those other issues showed up

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    If it's a Gen 1 frame, check shock/frame alignment. Some frames had some issues (that the Bros were happy to sort out)

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    I'm 200 and haven't seen any wear. My shock is an Avalanche, the bushings are beefy. I'm anal about keeping everything greased and check to make sure all bolts and links are tight.

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