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    N9 Fitment Question

    Hey fellow Canfield folk,

    Just got done with my second ride on a large n9 (I'm 6'2" for reference) and am trying to utilize wide bars (730mm) and a short stem (70mm) that everyone is raving about.

    I have a fat bike that I feel very comfortable on that I have pretty much been able to match for fitment with my N9(it also was a wide bar and short stem).

    I had to move the saddle back about 1.5" to get the same setback from the bottom bracket and handlebar reach between the two bikes. I know the geo of the N9 already has the rider pretty far back over the rear tire, so would pushing the seat back even more be a concern? I am guessing if this fitment isn't a concern ( I am worried about a large frame being too small) that I should be looking to utilize a setback seatpost?

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    These bikes seem to have a relatively short effective top tube when compared to other frames of the same size, which might be due to the more slack head angle than most other 29er hardtails? I am working on my build right now, and I plan on using a setback post on mine. Although I am building mine SS, so I won't be in the saddle for climbs most of the time anyways...

    If you're geared and do a lot of climbing in the saddle, I could see where shifting your weight back farther might require a change in technique to keep the front end plants... especially if you're running a long travel fork. But I say try it and see what happens!

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    I'm geared and do a lot of climbing in the saddle, and shift my weight forward but I always have any any bike. I remember it coming from a magazine interview with Missy Giove (IIRC) that made a sort of joke about putting the tip of the saddle in between your cheeks to get best traction. It's just the most efficient way to get up a short steep hill like we tend to have here where you really have to hold a line.
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