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On wheels-- Flows or Arch? Tires-- Ardent 2.4/2.4, 2.25/2.4, or something else? My fork is 130mm, but may move it down to 120mm depending on how it feels. I ride XC/Trail and live in San Antonio, so no serious gravity anywhere around, but lots of rocks, roots, and slow technical stuff. It's pretty dry here. Thanks for the help!
I'm about 185lbs geared up and am riding Arch EX hoops. They're holding up just fine, though your terrain is certainly rockier and rootier than most of what I ride. If you're going with Stan's hoops I'd say it depends on your weight and how often you trash wheels. Arch EX might work fine, or it may be better to go with the Flow EX - they're stiffer and wider than the lighter Arch EX hoops and will hold up to more abuse. Worth noting that the geometry of the Yelli allows (encourages?) rolling into chunk with more confidence and thus at greater speeds. With this in mind a stronger wheel should be considered when making the switch from a more XC oriented bike.

There are other options out there but I'm happy with my NoTubes rims.