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    As a late comer, I pondered the new Balance before decided to go for an used One. My reason was that although Balance would've been more optimal for AM riding (majority of my rides), it likely is not as good as One on descents. I'm one that need more helps on descent than ascent. And I believe that tiny bit of bigger wheel and improved suspension still won't completely compensate for the loss of 2" travel. Below is my One in her DH configuration- 41lbs of fun! She's <35lbs in AM config with 170mm fork and AM wheels/tires. But I really like this config and have been using it for AM riding lately.

    With these said, I'm still very intrigued by Balance. This got to be a sweet bike great at AM riding. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about it.

    To Keep The One or not?-20140720_200154419_ios.jpg

    To Keep The One or not?-20140720_200224170_ios.jpg

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    I've decided to keep my One. I cannot justify a whole new bike given the little riding my life allows.
    However, I did treat myself to some new Derby wheels w/ I9 hubs, set up tubeless.
    I managed to drop 2# off the front, yet gained 1# in the rear.
    Total weight now at 30.8#
    To Keep The One or not?-one-new-wheels-1.jpg
    To Keep The One or not?-one-new-wheels-4.jpg
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    For anyone considering selling your One...I'd love to buy a 2011-2013 medium frame

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