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    Canfield Cranks Install Assist

    I bought my cranks used for a steal. Actually they are for my wife (165mm length with 28t for 29er). They are in great shape and show no major faults. The PO included two Canfield branded bottom brackets. I noticed two things:

    It looks like NDS cup is slightly wider than the DS cup (or inverse). Both BBs are this way so I assume they are intended to be that way.

    There seems to be a differences in outer bear seal. Need to snap some pics.

    When I install the crank on my 73mm BB, after tightening the NDS fastening bolt, the crank barely turns. No spacers installed. It's my understanding that the crank bottoms out on the bearing seal, and provided I've got good bearing, should spin with the proper amount of preload.

    Am I missing something?
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    Give us a call,
    We will talk you through it.

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