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    Quote Originally Posted by ast View Post
    Yeah I've had that discolouration for a while now but haven't really paid much attention to it. No rust spots so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by fishwrinkle View Post
    yeah i have a 13 chrome and the bb/st junction and ht/tt junction have copper showing through. i will get rust on the bb/st, but i just make sure no mud sits in that area and hit it with a silicone spray that i have laying around. i contacted sean about the thin nickel areas and my concerns as it wasn't even built yet, and he said to just keep it wiped down and not to let water sit on it. kinda ticked about that at the time, but i'm over it. the plating isn't the best quality in those areas
    Cheers Chaps!

    Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem.

    However that is pretty worying...

    Especially that after contacting Canfield received pretty disconcerning reply.

    With questions if by any chance I'm riding in wet conditions

    Really? Last time when I checked MTB was about riding in ANY conditions...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2014 Canfield Brothers Nimble 9-16938282640_ff45e8ec33_c.jpg  

    LoMF syndrome...

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    wow that is bad. maybe clean that area as good as possible then saturate it with oil?

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    I'm not metalurgist or steel technician, but had quite a few steel frames in my stable. Some of them chromium plated in some parts.
    So in my oppinion it is bad plating job, as I NEVER experienced anything like that. And some of these frames are now almost my age (41).

    What is really sad that Canfield was very, very slow in replying and sending "pearls of wisdom" in likes: it is normal, just use some steel wool to polish it out, are you riding in wet conditions...

    That is not exactly something I would call good customers service.

    I understand I'm just a poor relative from small island next to Europe but was expecting a bit more from such a company...

    LoMF syndrome...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flymybike View Post
    A friend of ours, Sanjay Shanbhag, is doing a 7 year would tour and wanted to run a steath routed dropper. Here is how he did it. Attachment 971248Attachment 971249Attachment 971250
    This is awesome! Definitely looking at doing the same.

    Question, what would stop you from drilling the headtube or downtube and have the cable completely internal??
    Something with wheels and brakes.

    92Fifty' Race Team

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