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    2012 one rear spring weight

    I have a cane creek double barrel on the rear and like both the 450 and 500 springs I have with a rider weight of 178 lb

    What are you guys using ?

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    I weigh 180 without gear and use a 450lb spring. Great results so far!

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    I get full travel a lot with the 450 spring and bottom easily even with the high speed compression raised .
    Great for flowy - semi rough DH .

    500 pedals better and I get full travel on most jumps as well as it making the front end track a little better , better for trail riding .

    Not the purpose of the bike but have only 1 bike .

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    I'm building my One, and I'm 180 lb without gear too.
    Do you ride your Ones in 7" mode or 8" mode? That definetly makes a difference in the spring weight choice.
    I'll start with a 500lb in 8" mode I think, mostly AM riding.

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    Savo- 500 sounds like a heavy spring for a 180lb rider. Typically a 500# is for someone in the 210-220 range. A 450# would be a better place to start.


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