Heckler vs Devinci Guzzler or Magma.


Well, the snow is melting around Calgary and I am ready for a new ride. I am into agressive trail riding and light freeriding. By light freeriding I mean hits in the 6-8ft range on a burly trail bike. I was asking questions about the Devinci Bonzai on this forum a while ago and the bike I was interested in was a bit too small and now that the 05 Devinci line is out I am ready to make a decision between a Heckler and Devinci.

I have owned a Heckler already and was set to get another one this spring and then I test rode a Devinci Guzzler for 05 and now I am not quite sure. Both bikes are burly enough to handle the rigors of aggressive riding, but I dont have much experience with Devinci. I have always been impressed with the Heckler as the "one" bike but I am always looking. I was considering the Enduro but it is priced way too high for a large company.

Both the Heckler and Devinci would cost about the same after a few mods to the Devinci, so price is not a deciding factor.

The Heckler is basically a 5.7" travel bike with a longer stroke shock and the Devinci has 6" of rear travel and is paired with a Pike fork. I will be using the Pike on the Heckler also if I get one.

The Heckler is a tried and true sp design and the Devinci is a horst link 4 bar four when bought in Canada. (When bought in the States, Devinci has to modify the bike to meet patent laws from Specialized).

One thing I like about the Devinci line is that they made right in Canada and the build quality is second to none. The welds are tight and clean and the frame looks super strong and can accomodate a DC fork without voiding the warranty. Not that I am interested in slapping a dc on but it shows that Devinci has faith in the strength of their product. I went on a short test ride and the Devinci felt like a solid bike and climbed nicely.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Devinci vs Heckler saga?