I'm looking into making my 05 Hustler a bit more heavy duty now i'm starting to ride bigger things. Currently I'm using the standard RP3 shock with Marz AM SL forks (130mm travel as advised by Cove's compatibility table) and Mavic Crossmax SL's.

I'd like to replace these with the Fox DHX shock, a new fork and some beefier wheels, so I was wondering if anyone has experience with this shock and either Fox 36s or RS Pikes on the Hustler, as well as either Mavic 819s or DT 5.1 rims on Hope Pro 2 hubs.

Any recommendations on other shocks/forks/rims would also be greatly appreciated. Adjustable travel fork is a MAJOR requirement though as a long fork and slack head angle makes the Hustler a bit chopper like on uphills.

Thanks in advance,