I live Sydney Australia & I have done exhaustive background checks on the Fetish Discipline & D&S. They come up all right but I have been unable to get information on longevity. I have had feedback from people who have purchased them from e-bay and one or two people have had manufacturing faults.
If I go with the Fetish I have to import it in myself & I am concerned about manufacturing faults and having to send the bike back to the US, which would be costly. I have a chance of purchasing a Devinci (desperado) or XTC 2 frame within 1-hours drive from my home.
My Local mechanic keeps telling me to be weary of bikes that use the 6061 aluminum which is used on the Devinci & XTC. He tells me that Giant warrants a lot of their frames for breakages.
I do not know much about Devinci except what is on there web site.
The geometry on all of these bikes is basically the same, so performance on the trail should be much of a muchness.
I went and looked at the Devinci Desperado frame today. It has a great paint job & nice welds. It is very light & comes with a 3-year warranty. The salesman at the bike shop claims he has not had any back for breakages & after 3 years it becomes a pro-rata warranty but the pamphlet I got does not have anything about a pro-rata warranty?
I am concerned now if this is a great frame why is the warranty only 3 years yet the Giant warranty is now life.
My question is “is my mechanic right?” Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.