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  • 08-24-2015
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    Greetings from Portugal!

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    Frame - Cove Hummer XC 199? Sandvik build
    Fork - Magura TS8 120mm
    Headset - Hope
    Stem - Thomson 4X 70mm
    Handlebar - Spank Oozy 720mm 5mm rise
    Grips - ODI Longneck
    Seatpot - Titanium 30.0mm
    Seatpost collar - Hope
    Saddle - PRO Turnix
    Brakes - Shimano XTR M970, Goodridge lines
    Rotors - Hope floating 160mm
    Shifters - Shimano XT M960
    FD - Shimano XTR M901
    RD Shimano XTR M971 Shadow
    Crankset - Shimano XTR M970,TA+Truvativ chainrings
    Pedals - Exustar PM215
    Cassete: Shimano XT 11-32
    Chain: SRAM
    Wheels: Mavic SLR
    Tires: Shwalbe Nobby Nic EVO 2.25 + Bontrager Jones X 2.35
    Bottle Cage: King Cage

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    My first ti bike in 25 years of mtb. What I've been missing!
  • 08-24-2015
    J. Random Psycho
    hehe, enjoy )

    I'd replace those a2z QR skewers with some Shimano ones though (or threaded ones), as open type skewers just pretend they work, especially those with rubber or plastic compression part in them.
  • 08-24-2015
    Thanks ;)

    No rubber or plastic in those QR's,I've used them in other bikes without issues.
    But wouldn't mind swapping them for my favorites,USE Spin Stix.
  • 08-24-2015
    J. Random Psycho
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    I meant this black part in between lever and metal cup, it looks plastic:
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    Full metal open type QR skewers do exist, e. g. by Hope. The friction/compression part is brass in these. But they are still inferior to Shimanos in clamping force per force applied to lever (which I was surprised to find out).

    I'm feeling a bit awkward for looking so picky but devil is in the details, and the way to fight it, in my experience, is to eliminate most details from a design and maximize quality of the remaining ones. And hey it was your close up photo of the rear hub area that made me focus on that small part. :)

    Oh another curious detail: I don't recall seeing a 2-part IS brake mount anywhere else. I wonder how did they manage to weld it on so precisely as to maintain the distance between bolt holes.

    And it's nice of them to have used "bullets" to connect the flat dropout with both chain- and seatstays.
  • 12-09-2015
    hi what is the front gear setup?and is there a hollowtech version cos ye know it weighs a fecking ton if you dont know what is the chainring sizes and front derailleur?
  • 07-02-2016
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    Cove Hustler Build
    Couple of pics of my Hustler build. Would love some black stanchioned 150mm Revelations to go on it.

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