Cove Bikes Thread

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  • 10-23-2012
    Nice STD!
  • 10-23-2012
    J. Random Psycho
    what are the spokes?
  • 10-23-2012
    They are Wheel Smith DB14
  • 12-22-2012
    Thought I'd add my Cove Handjob 21", finished yesterday. Rides wonderfully.

    Crossmax ST front, SX rear
    Rock Shox Reba RLT 120mm fork with pushloc
    Cane Creek Forty headset (steerer left high, +35mm spacers to bars)
    SRAM X0 shifters
    SRAM X9 10 speed rear, Shim XT 2 speed front
    Truvativ AKA 2x front (24/36) with GPX bb
    SRAM 1050 10 speed 11-36 cassette, 1091 chain
    Blackspire Stinger chain tensioner
    Funn Fatboy 750mm bar (50mm rise)
    Avid Elixir 3 brakes
    Gore sealed cables
    Felt seatpost & 100mm stem (may go shorter one day)
    UST Tubeless Maxxis Medusa front & Conti Mountain King rear
    Superstar Nano flat pedals on order

    .. But my post count's too low. Pic in my profile:
  • 12-22-2012
    J. Random Psycho
    looks like you're seriously tall there )
    have fun with the HJ!
  • 12-25-2012
    I seriously regret not picking up a Stifee XC while I lived just across the border, this will be rectified!

  • 01-08-2013
    Got a chance to buy an '03 G-Spot. Has Sram x-9 rear and x-7 front, Race Face cranks, Fox RL rear shock and a Manitou Sherman front. Bike looks and seems to be in excellent shape, and has been recently fully overhauled and tuned.

    I realize this bike is 10 yrs old, but doe this seem like a good deal for $650?

    Thanks for any insight you may have!
  • 01-09-2013
    J. Random Psycho
    sounds like a good deal. With a modern shock, some new rubber and some HTA slackening (the challenging part where eccentric shock mounts and a Saar-like headset may be involved) you'll be set.

    The frame looks like this I guess?
  • 01-09-2013
    Well, I pulled the trigger and bought it. The seller was Anex Bicycles in Salt Lake City. Tyler (the owner) was super easy to deal with and eager to please. Deal was done within 24 hours and the bike was picked up by FedEx and on its way to me today. This is my first FS bike so I can't wait to get it out! Here's a pic from this AM before he packed it up.

    Uploaded with" width="549">
  • 01-14-2013
  • 01-15-2013
    oli h
    It's three years since I last posted a picture of my bike in this thread and a lot of parts have been switched out to save weight.

    Weighs 31lb 10oz in this picture and rides better than ever!

  • 08-20-2013
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    Hello all,
    here is my Stiffee, I just put these Crossmax SLR wheels and she flies DH now...
    Selle Italia L2 saddle is new too.. like it.

    Easton carbon riser bars XC
    SRAM x9 rear derailleur
    SRAM x9 front derailleur
    SRAM x7 Shifters
    2014 Deore brake set (New ice tech rotas to go on)
    Rock Shox RVL 426
    Hope headset to go on
    Deore XT crank / chainset to go on

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  • 08-25-2013
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  • 06-08-2014
    While browsing the web I found these pictures of a roadbike called Cove Quickee. I tried but could not find any other pics regarding of this model. Is it fake or is it a prototype of a frame which never got into production at Cove Bikes?

  • 06-08-2014
    they do exist.
    its mine, there is a small write up on the previous page.
    there were roughly 50 built(according to an old cove staff member) in 2002.
    it was made in Vancouver, but most went to Europe for some reason. as far as i can find i have the only one on the internet.

    here is the 2002 brochure scan

    here is the bike now

  • 06-09-2014
    ah, I was after keywords "cove road bikes" as your first pics were in my mind but I forgot where I saw them and your short write-up. shame on me not reading through this thread carefully enough... thank you for the information on this model! nice looking bike and great to know it is in safe hands! :)
  • 06-12-2014
    Tyler at Anex sold me an El Cuervo with a cracked frame I discovered the crack when I cleaned the bike hours after I bought it. He will not return calls or messages.
  • 11-03-2014
    Hi guys some nice bikes in here. I'm rebuilding a 2009 Hustler and having some issues with the main pivot. Do the two bearings on each side need to be pressed into the frame a bit rather than flush, so they hold the middle piece in place? Also mine had two thin plastic/rubber washers either side between the main pivot and the chainstay clamps, where can I get some more of these? Thanks. Will post some pics when the frame is finished.
  • 11-17-2014
    Just J
    Cove Bikes Thread
    My new Cove. :)

    Needs some work...
  • 12-23-2014
    Just J
    Cove Bikes Thread
    All finished! :)

  • 12-23-2014
    Cove Bikes Thread
    Nicely done J. Looking forward to ride report. Sub 28#?

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  • 12-23-2014
    Just J
    Cove Bikes Thread
    Thanks, I'll be sure to post more once I've rode it a few times. I've started a new thread in the 29er forum.

    It's 26.5lbs without pedals :)
  • 12-23-2014
    Just J
    Cove Bikes Thread
    Hit a bit of a snag with the build, details and more pics can be seen here for anyone interested :)
  • 03-22-2015
    Just J
    Cove Bikes Thread
    So since the snag with the steerer tube on my Pike being too short and the 29" wheels making the bike the size of a farm gate, I decided to box the Hummer up until it was time to do a 27.5 build, which happened last week!

    I decided to run a 140mm Revelation which the bike seemed to be made with in mind, a set of Hope Tech Enduro 27.5 wheels and a XT/XTR/OneUp Components 1x10 setup. I've got it down to under 26.5lbs (it had mud on it when I weighed it at 26.5!) with pedals and I'm considering running some Hope Tech XC wheels rather than the Enduro ones which should lop at least another half pound of it so I can definitely live with that considering that's with a Reverb and heavy Brooks saddle too.

    Finished the build on Friday and took it out yesterday for its maiden voyage. This things rips! I didn't think it would be such a charger but it feels as capable as my old Yeti SB95c only more spritely and much more eager to turn. I think this bike has made me a mid-wheel size convert!! Ha ha! [emoji1]

  • 04-14-2015
    Just J
    Updated specs, swapped the wheels for some Hope Tech XC's, cut the steerer down and tidied up some things. Sitting at 25.6lbs with that 0.6 being mostly in the saddle.