Need help!! I adjusted the preload as high as it goes and it feels barely any different-I am 180lbs 5'9-maybe they can't handle my weight? I jumped a 5 stair and my rear shock bottomed out, but I have only adjusted that for more light street riding, so I will adjust the rear shock. How can I make the front fork a little stiffer without goin coil bound or whatever? By the way I took a small jump today and noticed the fork was too soft so I turned the preload up and it got harder and harder for about 2 full turns and then all of a sudden it was quite easy to twist and I twisted about 10 times before they stopped turning because I would assume that the coils had tightened as hard as they could go and when I got back on it felt only a tiny bit better , when I thought they would be much harder . Any help would be appreciated