There will be a XC trail day this Sunday 2nd of The Stump Grinder Dirt Club (Chamberlin Ranch ) from 9 to 1pm then riding after.
Bring: Tools, water, bike stuff, lunch ... sunscreen and a great attitude!

These rules apply out there.
1. There must be a designated leader, and I need to know this person and have his or her cell phone number.
2. There must be a clear goal for the day, and not just a bunch of disorganized jump building.
3. Work more than you ride, work for 4 hrs. then ride for 3.5.
4. Everyone needs to be gone off the property by 4 PM and the gate(s) closed.
5. No speeding in vehicles on the ranch roads or driving off-road.
6. No loud music (or anything else) to disturb the Firestone's who live next door.

If these simple rules are cool and your all willing to help, then by all means, I'm good with it

See ya there. Tony G. Trail building leader...