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    Traveling...carry on baggage

    Hey everyone,

    I don't know if this is the right post. I couldn't find a specific thread with many viewers. I am planning a trip to Whistler Blackcomb next week. Will be flying to Seattle then driving to Whistler on Monday. I was wondering if anyone ever carried their full face helmet as a carry on. I have an evoc FR unlimited backpack and was going to attach my helmet and knee pads to it. I was wondering if anyone knew if that was ok to do.


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    I think you will be fine....just ask gate agent to be a lot at her (it helps)
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    Helmet is no problem as long as it fits in the bin or under the seat

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    These days it might come in handy to wear if you recline your seat into the person behind you.
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    Don't try to take any CO2 cartridges. you'll have to buy them local.
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    I put a folding bike in the bin twice a week - I think you will be fine with the helmet

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    People carry on ski boots all the time, so I'm sure a helmet won't be a problem. Worst comes to worst you can just wear it.
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    I fly for the airline industry.. Helmets are fine.. Just put it in a bag / case.. Also, most airlines allow you 2 carry-ons.. so a helmet and a backpack is ok.. others charge you anything you bring on board so be careful.. Check on the airlines website to see how many carry-ons you are allowed..

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