Interested in learning how to diagnose trail sections for repair or how to perform standard trail maintenance? How about opportunities to earn big dollars doing easy work in exotic South Pacific Islands. Well, choice A is what we do; choice B, sorry, can't help you.

How about exotic Hazard Peak Trail in beautiful Montana de Oro? Good choice!

This is an advance planning day on Hazard Peak Trail to prepare for the coming CCCMB Trail Work Day on Super Bowl Sunday. All crew leaders please attend if your schedule allows.

Anyone who is interested in learning to analyze trail use and repair storm damage, or become a crew leader, or is just curious about how we decide where and what work to do, is invited to attend. This is the next opportunity in a series of CCCMB training days.

This coming Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 9:00am. This is only a half day session.
If you need a ride, or can provide a ride out to the event, please send an email of what town you are in, and I will link you with someone driving out.


We will meet at the Hazard Peak Trail parking area just before Spooners Cove and the State Park Headquarters/Campground. It is on the right side of the road with the trail on the left hand side.

We will be riding (or walking) up Hazard Peak Trail. We will be looking at the sections of trail that need work. Now that rains are not in the forecast, we plan to ride; it that changes, we will send an email update on Saturday.

This ride/walk will have frequent stops for discussion, and is an excellent learning opportunity for anyone interested in trail stewardship. The planning will only be a half day, done 1:00pm.

We will be demonstrating trail maintenance techniques on each section. Crew leaders will be assigned for a section. Potential crew leaders may mentor with an existing crew leader to learn more details about trail maintenance.

Rains have brought mixed blessings, eroded trails, water on trails requiring rebuilding of drains to remove it, and green grasses and beautiful flowers (see attached photos). Please feel free to email if you have questions about this exotic, once in a lifetime, event.

Join us!

Montana de Oro Regional Trail Crew