Hey guys,

I ride the Betty Dearing Trail in Studio City that starts at the top of Mulholland by Laurel Canyon alot. I ride it alot and with all that I work, sometimes in the middle of the week its all that I have time for. I owe alot to this trail, and its getting a little over grown and has a few trees that fell across the trail after the last big storm.

I feel like no one around here ever does any trail building and so I come to MTBR to connect with a few that are willing to give back to this trail. Anyone want to meet up for a couple of hours of trail work? I already have a big heavy duty battery powered (hence quiet) weed wacker to cut back some of the overgrowness.... I have a pocket ax to cut through the two fallen logs, and all we need is a shovel or machete or two.

PM me! and Happy Trails!