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    ... and if we just ... STR Crashfest 2006

    Thought we'd share an entertaining video with you guys. From this past weekend in Laguna. We did the good ole 5oaks -> cholla -> steps -> willow -> T&A -> steps -> Lynx -> cars route. Details about the ride here along with photos and such.

    17.3mb in mpeg4 format <- right click and save as. If you windows users have trouble, download and install this. This media pack will let you play almost any media format out there.

    OR if you don't want to download and can deal with downgraded quality, here's a youtube link.
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    Good times yesterday, I'm glad I was able to keep the rubber side down!!! From talking to the people who crashed, they seem to be a little sore, but nothing too major.

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    Thanks for posting the downgraded work I can't d/l anything onto my puter and I was dying to see the video

    Hope you guys heal soon!

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    Very fun times out there yesterday! I had 2nd thoughts about doing the top huck on T&A after watching our buddy do a faceplant into a cactus.....but I went for it anyway and was able to stick the landing and stop without incident. I've never witnessed so many crashes in 1 day on of our rides Thankfully nobody got hurt other than leaving a little blood on the trail

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    Nice work guys!

    Be on the look out for this group, a large dust cloud is probably not far off:


    I hope you are feeling better soon.

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    This is my fav loop out there. I must of been over due for crashing. My ribs are a bit sore today as is my neck. Next time I will nail the top huck on T&A.

    Come ride with us Winston!


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    Thanks for the entertainment Gonz, the nose wheelie was my favorite When my wing heals, I'll be joining you guys for a ride. Can't wait.

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