This is a ride / planning pre work day on Elevator Trail to prepare for the coming CCCMB Trail Work Day, next Sunday, 12/13/09. All current crew leaders please attend if your schedule allows.

Anyone who might be interested in learning the skills to become a crew leader or is just curious about how we decide where and what work to do, is welcome to attend. This is the second of many CCCMB training days that we have planned.

The FASTA group building the Bike Skills area in the Euc Grove has expressed interest in taking on stewardship for Elevator as well as Shooters and Morning Glory trails, working with CCCMB to maintain this area. This trail work day will be the opportunity to learn many of the skills working with pavers and peeler core that you will use in constructing the skills features. All FASTA members are encouraged to join us.

This coming Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 9:00am. This is only a half day session.

We will meet at the bottom of Elevator trail above the tracks on Stenner Creek. You can start at the Poultry Unit on Stenner Creek Road, come up Poly Canyon from SLO, or shuttle to the top of Shooters. Meet at the bottom of Elevator Trail at 9:00 am. We will walk / ride back up the trail.

We will be riding our bikes up Elevator. We will be stopping frequently to look at the sections of trail that need work. We will be discussing what we want to accomplish on each section. Crew leaders will be assigned for each section. Anyone who is interested in possibly becoming a crew leader can volunteer to work with an existing crew leader as a mentor if you have interest in a particular section or if you want to learn more details about trail maintenance.

We will be planning maintance, primarily rebuilding grade reversals to control water so it does not damage the trail. Some areas where the pipeline project crossed need extra attention for drainage. Two corners on the lower section of trail, below the series of bridges need some tread repair. One section has some erosion where the trail crosses the old road and need maintenance. The upper section where the paved bermed corner is need completion and realignment. One other corner could use some contouring and berming as well. (see photos attached of some areas we will be repairing)

This will be a slow pace with many stops and an excellent learning opportunity for anyone interested. The planning will only be a half day, done by noon or 1:00pm, however some of us will do some more riding after. Please feel free to email me if you have questions about this pre ride.

Join us!

CCCMB Regional Trail Crews

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