MTBR members - this is my first trail day as Liaison at Tecolote Canyon. It would be awesome to have a good turnout! Hope to see a lot of you there. Tecolote has a lot of potential and is very central, so a good showing could lead to more trail opportunities in the future.

Trail Work at Tecolote Canyon
Sunday September 19th, 8AM
Location: 5180 Tecolote Road, San Diego.

There is an existing trail at Tecolote Canyon that runs 0.8 miles up the canyon from the Nature Center. You wouldn’t know it though, as this trail is overgrown to the point of being unrecognizable, and is seldom used. We will do some brushing and a bit of treadwork to return this trail to its former glory. We need your help to make this trail great again though, as this will instantly become the most visible and most-used trail in Tecolote Canyon.

Meet at the Tecolote Canyon Nature Center at 5180 Tecolote Road, San Diego at 8am. We will work until around noon. Please bring eye protection, gloves, hat, sun block, water and a snack.

If you plan on attending the trail work event, please RSVP to