Don't know whether or not this has been brought to everyone's attention here:

From SHARE MTB website:

The area surrounding Robbers Peak is private property and the landowner is fed up with trash, graffiti, broken gates, etc, and now that area is closed.

Private Property & Trail closed signs have been posted by SORP ( Santiago Oaks Regional Park ) staff. It is understood that legitimate park users are not the problem. Anaheim PD maybe be patrolling, may cite trespassers.

There’s more discussion on STR about the Santiago Oaks Regional Park – Robbers Peak Closure

Basically we are no longer allowed through the gate mid way up the 3rd B*tch. There are now signs posted at the gate stating "Private Property....Keep Out" and "End of County Trail".

The Playgound area up on top is within the park boundary.....but you now have to access it from Barham Ridge Trail.

It is not the mtnbikers who were the problem, graffiti, trash and cars have been the problem.

This has been private property for a very long time, and the threat of them shutting us out has been there just as long.

I sat there today and pointed out the signs to several riders who claimed ignorance at the closure, even thought they were staring right at it......apparently to them, Private Property: Keep Out didn't apply to them.

Please honor the closure, show the land owner we are not the problem, and maybe the closure will be removed. Ignoring the signs is just going to make us all look bad in the eyes of the land owner.