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    Santa Monica Mountains : hardtail or full ?

    While planning my Socal bike tour i'm also taking in consideration wich one of my two bikes would result more appropriate for the trip .I own a HT now and despite all the sort of "negative" bla bla bla all the HT get nowdays compared to a full I'm loving it. My full is due to delivery in early feb 2010,I will have plenty of time to get accustomed to it and I'm sure I will be very enthusiastic about it. won't see me sell my bumpy,active and nervous HT. Wich one of the two bikes you would suggest to bring for the area ??
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    Bring whichever one you enjoy riding more. We have many different types of trails on Socal, so there is pretty much "something for everybody" no matter what or how you ride.

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    Bring them both! I suggest the full IF you really think you'll be completely in tune with it's every capability, reaction and personality by the time you arrive here...
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    Take whichever one weighs less - there's not a lot of super-technical stuff in the Santa Monicas requiring FS but lots of climbing - I use a 19.5lb hardtail here (the quick look I did at those frames puts the full suspension at a lower weight than the hardtail).

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    If your technical skill are good, a hardtail will serve you well out here.

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    Most ppl in the Santa monicas ride super slow so bring the fs.

    Mountain bikers enjoy things at a slower pace, where's road cyclist cringe at the speeds.


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