Hey all,

On Saturday I ran into California State Parks trail building/maintaining manager, Dale, hiking on an obscure fire break in the Palisades Highlands area. We chatted for a bit, and he said he was scoping the area to possibly add a new trail. But let's not hold our breath on that one. However, he said his county/state crew will be on the Backbone today(Tuesday) and the rest of the week doing some major brush clearing on the Rogers Backbone.

He asked me to get the word out to the biking community to come out and help finish the job. We will not be the only user group attending this trail day, so it would help our cause to show up in big numbers. He would prefer that we all gather at Trippett Ranch park entrance at 8:30am so we can all sign in, but if you'd prefer to ride in from either direction that's obviously ok too.

I had spoken to Hans at CORBA about this date (10/30) and thought we agreed to do some work on this day, but can't find anything on the corba website about it. Anyway, please come out and help keep this great trail open and in good condition.