First, I'd like to thank Slocaus, Brown Teeth, and M-Dub for the trail info. You guys have some really sweet trail systems.

I left San Diego last Saturday, arrived at Cerro Alto campground early evening. Got up at 6:00am and decided to hike Cerro Alto. I read about the quick elevation gain, but damn, Bridge Trail starts off like a roller coaster, UP,UP,UP,UP. The view from the top is pretty incredible. I came down the Creek Trail, and decided I would ride this opposite the way I hiked. By the time I arrived back at camp, there were about 6-10 hikers in the parking lot. I decided to wait until later to ride. Around 4:00pm, the evening hiker crews showed up.
I ended up riding Cerro Alto at 11:00am Monday. No hikers. Well a partial one, me. It was worth it, the trail through the forest, along the creek is scenic. The downhill, FAST!

Went up to Fort Ord. Very nice trail system, but very sandy, like riding on a beach in many places. I'd love to ride there after some rain. I did find some sweet hardpack, but I was pretty toasted by the time I found them.

Somewhere in Santa Cruz, well let me just say this, you need to have friends to show you what's up. If I say anything more, I will be in a lot of trouble

Stayed in Cambria. Was going to hit Montana De Oro. I asked some locals (non bike riders) if there were any trails around town. THREE people told me to go up Bridge Street. I drive up Bridge Street around 5:30pm. "No Tresspassing" signs everywhere. Heavy chains blocking trails. Uh, I think I'll call CBO in the morning, just to make sure. 10:00am I call CBO, ask if it's cool to ride up there, and the guy says," Dude, didn't you see all the signs up there?" "6 riders have been taken to JAIL for poaching these trails in the last few months!" Anybody going up Cambria, these trails are off limits! No matter what anybody you meet there says, the trails are off limits! PERIOD.

Went to the Cal Poly area instead. Shooters, Morning Glory. Very Sweet! Very legal. Very nice!

Arrived home late Sunday afternoon. My butt hurt from driving. Two hours of daylight left. Truck still packed, bike on the back. Wife, three dogs out. I'll be right back. Sweetwater for a quick loop. Nice to be back home.