For Immediate Release from Cleveland National Forest

The Cleveland National Forest (Forest) reopens on Saturday, November 10, 2007 after an emergency closure due to the recent and ongoing fires that started October 21, 2007.

Those restrictions that were in effect prior to the fires will be continued. This would return the forest to the EXTREME Forest Use Restriction Level. Under this level, the closure of all national forest lands south of Interstate 8 and a general prohibition on campfires, except for Laguna Campground, will also be in affect. The recently burned areas of the Forest will be closed with regard to the Santiago Fire area in the Santa Ana Mountains; the Poomacha Fire in the Palomar Mountains; and the Witch Fire, that burned all the national forest lands south of State Highway 76 and north of Ramona, and portions of the San Diego River watershed east of Ramona.

Closures of recently burned areas and adjoining lands are routinely implemented to protect the public from a variety of hazard such as rolling rocks and falling trees.
There are also firefighters continuing their work in extinguishing fires in these areas and the discharge of firearms related to hunting poses a threat to their welfare.

Maps of these areas will be available Friday morning, November 9, 2007 on the Cleveland National Forest website at