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    Places to Mountain Bike in or near San Diego

    Looking for places to mountain bike ride in San Diego. Follow the link below for the background.

    Mountain Biking Options In and Around San Diego


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    There are a couple sites to check out:

    Between these sites you can find out any info you want. I am originally from NC(Burlington to be exact) and wouldn't mind showing you around when I had the time. We have some great trails in SD, I live in southern SD(Chula Vista/Bonita) and I think we have some of the best in the county. If you only ride in one area though, I would suggest Cuyamaca/Noble/Big Laguna, a great ride is the Tour de Noble which includes two of the three mentioned and is outlined on Bill's website.

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    PLEASE make this a sticky!

    we see the same question pop up about once a week.

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    I posted this in your other thread too, but here it is again:

    This is a Map of Most of the So-Cal and some Nor-Cal Trail heads. The map is public so anyone can add or remove trail heads.,1.260681&z=10
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    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop
    PLEASE make this a sticky!
    I second that.

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