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Thread: Panaracer Smoke

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    Panaracer Smoke

    I saw Performance has these for 20.00. They look similar to a WTB Velociraptor (rear), which I liked, great for climbing, just not to hot on the fact they are only 2.1's. Has anyone used these Smoke's out here on the so. cal trails? If so, how did you like them, or dislike them?

    I currently have a Kenda Kinetics Stick-E 2.35 on the back, but, the rolling resistance sucks.

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    I'd try a Nokian Gazz 3.0 for your Enduro, plenty of traction and rolls great with 60+ psi

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    The smoke is an ancient design I used back in the early 90's. It was good then, but it's rolling resistance is heinous. I would go with the IRC Trailbear, which has a much better pattern for less resistance & grips like crazy, no matter the conditions. I just converted mine to tubeless & they have just improved the already impeccable traction. Also, the smoke was/is a 2.1 whereas the Trailbear is a 2.25. It used to be called the Missile when it had thick sidewalls for DH back in the mid 90's. I'm telling you, the compound IRC uses on these dogs is the BOMB for So-Cal conditions, year round.

    You can find the trailbears at Performance as well.

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    Thanks Wiz, I actually picked up a Kenda Klaw, 2.1. I rode it last week on San Juan, it gripped really well on the climbs. I could hear it really crunching the dirt beneath me. I wish they made that tire in a 2.3, but oh well. I was looking at the Trailbear and the Mythos, but decided on the Klaw. A friend of mine tried out the Trailbear and said he didnt really like it.

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